Safety is our top priority

Our team is hard at work to protect the safety and health of our staff and guests, and we encourage everyone to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.

  • Physical Distancing

  • Wellbeing of Guests & Staff

  • Hygiene and Cleaning

Pizzas 4 U

Pizzas 4 u is a family owned business, inspired to put up and share our traditional recipes to the rest of Taperoo. Our passion for creating the most delicious pizza and pasta in town stemmed from our love of sharing good food over the company of your friends and family. Our goal is to unite people and to create bridges while enjoying a piece of pizza on either a warm or cold day. Our ingredients and dishes are made fresh everyday, to maintain the quality that we present to your table and doorsteps. We take great pride in serving the highest quality products to our customers. Supporting our local producers as much as we can is our passion. We stick to employing locals, using local produce only to serve the best to our customers. By ordering directly on our website, you are supporting your local business. We respect that and will make all ends meet to make you feel delighted. Find out more about our service and our mission of making our customers smile.💖

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Delivery Areas

  • Birkenhead
  • Ethelton
  • Exeter
  • Glanville
  • Largs Bay
  • Largs North
  • New Port
  • North Haven
  • Osborne
  • Outer Harbor
  • Peterhead
  • Port Adelaide
  • Semaphore
  • Semaphore Park
  • Semaphore South
  • Taperoo

Thank you for ordering directly, and supporting local business. We are committed to hiring locals and using as much local producers as possible.

Pizzas 4 U Team 🙌🏽